Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Savagery

I've taken to riding up steep hills in part because I'm too lazy to take the longer way. And in part because I'm just S A V A G E.

Approaching Fillmore on the Marina side. I had to pick up a 2880 Broadway tag after dropping a Bay St.

Heading up Fillmore I felt the roll I was carrying start to slip out of my bag. Oh shit! I was already dismounting when it dropped. I was lucky that it landed parallel to the hill and didn't roll down. That would have been extreme FAIL.

I had an exclusive 50 Beale to 505 Parnassus later on. My new thing is to go straight up Hillway. It's absurdly steep, but short, and in the end much faster than taking the elevator up to Parnassus.

This is the Bailey Works bag I won at GoldSprints. (I won the XL and traded it in for an XXL). Today was my first day using it for work. So far I like it.

My friend John at Rickshaw Bagworks sewed on the SFBMA patch, fixed the side strap and made a cool modification for the pullstrap, complete with a Rickshaw tag.


Saw this guy signing autographs at the end of the day:


Monday, April 21, 2008

Ways to lock up your bike

At 205 13th last week:


Fastboots helped me build a new rear wheel the other day:


He builds a mean wheel. Not sure what to say about his sartorial decision making skillz though:


Last Friday

We clean tile and grout skitch vans!

...while they're being towed down Howard Street.

I decided for the first time ever to ride straight up Hillway from Carl to get to 505 Parnassus. I must have been feeling all kinds of oats at the time, because it's vertical:


I stopped for lunch in Laurel Village. Got a sandwich at A.G. Ferrari. F that place. With an Orangina, I paid almost ten dollars for a half-assed, hella bready sandwich and was surrounded by all manner of Pac Heights douchbags while I ate.


Every once in a while this guy sings James Brown songs on Market St. in front of Old Navy with a lot of passion:


Beard Watch, '08
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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today was one of the slowest days ever. I hung out at the statue for a record period of time before being let go early. Then at around quarter to four, my dispatcher called me up to ask if I'd pick up a tag on 17th and Valencia and a few others. I was doing nothing and had no excuse not to so I got back on the bike and made a few more dollars.


Today was another hot one. A popsicle salesman came by the statue. Me, Katie from Western, Fox from Flash(?) and Burdick from Western.

Wayne t-bow at farallon capital

Saw a Wayne Thiebaud hanging at Farallon Capital Management. I like his new stuff.


Have been getting some crucial skitches these past few days.

When Minutes Matter...Time is Brain


Went through Geary/Masonic tunnel today:


Went down Market St. from the tippy yesterday:


Saw a turtle at the Academy of Science's temporary building on Howard last week:


Dude was in another tank:


Last Thursday and Friday were some of the best days I've ever worked. Hot as shit (after a cold spell), lots of fun and interesting tags. I'm exhausted as I write this but I haven't posted anything in a while so I felt like I should throw something together. Here's post number 100.


Got second place in Saturday's alleycat.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ali Cat today

spring fling

Have a new chain. Ready to do this.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The stairs are HISTORIC


Not talking about these ones. For the historical, you will have to read on, reader. I did walk up the Filbert Steps today to get to Alta St. On the way back down I slipped as some German said something about messengers in Holland, but I caught myself. Normally I'd be routed in a way which wouldn't have me walking back down these bitches, but not today.


First time dropping a package here. Right around the corner from Montague Place.


By far, the best elevator buttons I've come across. Yes, better than big buttons.


Looking hella savage with the littlest gash a'bleeding on my new shoes.


I spent some time in court doing legal work today. Had to return something to West Bay law on Market which gave me some time to rekindle with the hugegantus urinal in the 18th floor bathroom.


Written in white at the bottom was "(Unless you have attained TYCOON STATUS)".

Monday, April 7, 2008

Elevator Accion


There's a monitor built into the wall at 1 Shrader so you can stay abreast of the two elevators' actions. Watching it, I'm reminded of:


1 Shrader's a weird building. The entrance o Fulton St. is the 4th floor, where I was supposed to deliver. Not noticing that I got in the elevator, pressed 4, watched the doors close, pause, open, then stepped out again thinking "damn that's a smooth elevator" before I realized I hadn't gone anywhere.


I got some more bubbly at the Getty's. The guards are so cool. They often ask If I need any water, and this time they gave me a 3/4's full bottle, plucked straight from the Getty's fridge I imagine.


I got new white shoes last week because my Lake's are having technical difficulties after changing the cleats. The Shimano's I bought are a bit racey for messenger work but they feel nice.

live! beard cam:

Friday, April 4, 2008

View from ______ (4 of 100)

50 Fremont

View from the top of 50 Fremont. There's a Spanish language TV station headquartered up here.

Beard Update Corner


Day 5 Since last shave. Beard is getting blacker.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marshmallows don't fit through hole

view of the yay bridge

I didn't get enough sleep, was a bit out of it, but a good, busy day. I just noticed this view of the Bay Bridge in between the buildings on Harrison this morning

ha gao

I had some ha gow and shu mai at Wing Lee Bakery on Clement after picking up an exclusive at the De Young Museum. I used to live around there and always liked that place. If you order "for here", your food is served on an aluminum plate topped with a sheet of plastic. Makes sense I guess.

oh hell no

Oh hell naw: I had to carry these big boxes by hand from Gumps on Maiden Lane to the Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square.

csn mics

I'm pretty sure these are those things you see on newscaster's mics. I picked them up from fox sports or some such business, along with a videotape.

mason st.

I ended up having to ride up Mason for four blocks to get to California. Shit gets steeeeep.

swiss miss

It was a busy day. I didn't even get a lunch break which is unusual. I got some coffee instead and added a swiss miss pack I took from some office a few minutes before.

california poppies (on lockdown)

Saw this fenced in plot with wildflowers. California Poppies are my favorite flower. Not that I sit around ranking flowers or anything.

barr awards

Thanks to Johnny Hsu for above photo / just realized the right part is cut off. click on the photo to see my ass on the far right

I got 2nd place at GoldSprints! First time doing that shit. My best time was 19.09 for 500 meters. I really only got the third fastest time, but because of the heat structure the two fastest dudes had to go against each other in another heat and one got knocked out. I won a nice Bailey Works bag that I'm going to send back and trade up for an XXL and start using for work.

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Day 2 (Since last shave. I'm gonna grow it back now. Maybe shave it again when it gets hot)