Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Friday

We clean tile and grout skitch vans!

...while they're being towed down Howard Street.

I decided for the first time ever to ride straight up Hillway from Carl to get to 505 Parnassus. I must have been feeling all kinds of oats at the time, because it's vertical:


I stopped for lunch in Laurel Village. Got a sandwich at A.G. Ferrari. F that place. With an Orangina, I paid almost ten dollars for a half-assed, hella bready sandwich and was surrounded by all manner of Pac Heights douchbags while I ate.


Every once in a while this guy sings James Brown songs on Market St. in front of Old Navy with a lot of passion:


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Anonymous said...

Beard Watch: Lookin' scruffy, keep it up!

Oh, and AG Ferrari is totally lame, surprised you went there.