Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another alleycat

Rad Massaker 2009

This year Blake did all the work. While I was in Peru he put together the "Rad Massaker", a name his friend in Switzerland told him would be appropriate. Rad means bike over there. All I did was email Superfly about five times trying to score us both another personal stash of caffeinated energy tablets but they were lame and didn't even send so much as an envelope with Superfly dust...*

I spent yesterday driving around with Blake in his truck, blasting drum and bass and picking up stuff as it fell off the back into traffic. Had a great hanging out in the sun. Almost 200 people showed up and 100 finished. More than last year I think, and it was a hard course.

The start:

*Bevology, if you're reading this, for the record we only kept enough to become dependent before we ran out. We gave the rest away at the race. So next year, please hook us up again, ok?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I've missed

The weekly Port of Oakland ride on Tuesdays. I was riding around the Port this afternoon with Blake. It's a totally different place during the day - full of trucks, some that I skitched simply because it was too easy. He took this video yesterday of the POO Ride

It looks fast, doesn't it? I hope I can hang on next Tuesday.

And this: