Wednesday, June 30, 2010

is this the last entry?

Did the POO ride last two weeks. A week ago it was great, three flat tires aside - a double pinch and another front pinch - pretty unheard of. But after that I was back on and going for it. Stayed with Deuce in the lead pack and some grumpy guy who told me after I caught him if I didn't pull I should go to the fucking back. Gentle folk of the Port Ride.

But yesterday was rough. Didn't have it at all. Still love it though.

Will be doing the Quake City Rumble Alleycat this weekend:!/quakecityrumble?ref=ts

Then putting on another alleycat: The RadMassaker II!!! To the four of you that still are aware of this blog, do come:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

skitched in Walnut Creek again

Barted out to Walnut Creek to visit a friend in the hospital - bike crash. Skitched all the way there and back on Ygnacio Valley rd. People in Walnut Creek must have been confused.

Love skitching in Walnut Creek.