Tuesday, September 9, 2008

3rd Poo

Finally did another Tuesday night Port of Oakland ride. I made it to 8:20 pm, ten minutes short of the last lap. Averaged 26.2 mph for 45 minutes and hit a top speed of 34.3. I mean, I still didn't finish, but damn, that was some hard riding. Hopefully I'll be able to hold on to the end next time.


As for transporting my bike, I'm still experimenting. If only a device existed that would somehow attach to the back of my car and hold a it...

I've been doing some great rides recently. Had an epic day climbing up Mt. Hamilton two weeks ago. Did "The Bears" last Sunday. Hit 54.2 on Southpark. Goal is now 55mph.

I'm selling a helmet, a Lazer Genesis, size L, as seen below. $80. Just not big enough for my massive, complex head. Used five times. Four by me, once by Raineer last Sunday:

Fwd: "hmmmm. i woke up feeling not quite myself..."

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David Decimal said...

I, as one of the 4 people watching this blog, wish you would post more.