Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Punkin' Out

I was planning on doing the POO ride tonight, but I have a pimple on my left ass cheek and my legs are sore from mashing down College at 30 mph trying (and succeeding I might add) to beat automobiles two days ago on my way to Cole Coffee (my favorite place to buy beans in the East Bay). Plus I don't have any clean bibs. And a few more excuses I will think up later.

Got some cool Japanese sock drying hangers last week from my girlfriend. Stoked to use them on this hot, sunny Berkeley day. Yes, you heard me, I'm stoked to dry my socks. This is rockstar living here, people.

I've never been a huge fan of folding bikes - too much compromise - but I got an email about this one from a friend the other day:

Then ran into a nice French dude on BART the following day who was sporting one. If I had to buy one, I'd be tempted to go with one of these. I think the kevlar belt drive is a neat idea and I like the minimalist, functional geometry. The green brakes are pimp, too.



Anonymous said...

yeah - i test rode one last week and it pretty much feels like you're sitting behind the rear wheel. needless to say it's a weird sensation.

Anonymous said...

also - i gotta add that bragging about beating cars down college ave is like bragging about your recent monopoly victory over a kindergartner. that street is a clusterf*ck more often than not.

MELI. said...

oh wow - I think I caught the same dude and his nice strida during a coffee brake

just foundU. nice blog! will stay tuned
xo /m

Ryan said...

Shap, you are absolutely right. Beating cars down college is easy. Like the US beating China in basketball. But what if the score was 500 - 20, US?

That's how bad I beat those cars, my friends.

Charlie said...

i saw a review of this bike on tv. they said it was awful, which is a shame cos it looks so cool.