Monday, September 1, 2008


95% of my bike clothes

I really went a long while before washing my bike clothes this time. Was down to wearing, gasp, regular bike shorts as opposed to bibs.

Note: blogger keeps cutting off the right side of my photos. If anybody, or Lydia, knows how to fix this, please let me know. #wrap2 { width:800px;}
#main-wrapper { width:510px !important;}
#header-wrapper { width:800px;}


lydiat said...

#wrap2 { width:800px;}
#main-wrapper { width:510px !important;}
#header-wrapper { width:800px;}

should fix it

Ryan said...

thanks girl. so I have to sing that while I'm writing the blog? or do I need to write it on the screen in virgin's blood?

Anonymous said...

Your (occasional) laundry day looks about as hellish as mine does. Except my clothes aren't as cool, of course.