Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beef Jerkey Fix / Dreams of Polo Tattoos

beef jerkey fix

I was riding back to BART from work last week, trying for the life of me to identify a tic-ing sound coming from somewhere on my bike. I first removed the springs from my skewers and greased them which was goggles*. I tightened the chainring bolts, seatpost collar, and some other screws. By the time I got to the gas station at Filbert and Van Ness I realized it was coming from the bolts on my saddle clamp.

I started tightening them - I have a KCNC scandium seatpost with titanium hardware that is a bitch to adjust - then suddenly PING!!! The titanium bolt head snapped off ejecting the seat into the sky and onto the pavement four feet away.

Astonishlingly, I happened to have a spare seatpost in my bag that day. I walked over to the attendent and asked to borrow a measuring tape but the only one he had was broken - why they kept it I do not know.

So I bought a stick of beef jerkey, oddly Nacho flavored, and bit it down to the correct size. While I like beef jerkey as much as the next man, I find it hard to fathom how nasty yet popular Slim Jims manage to be.

beef jerkey fix


On a completely unrelated note, I dreamt I had two tattoos last night. One I forget, but the other was a two foot long outline of the Ralph Lauren polo guy on my right arm. Most of the dream was me looking at it and thinking "damn, why did I do this? If I get lazer removal, how will that turn out? Etc... "

*it did nothing


GoGo said...

That's funny - thinking while dreaming - "why did I do this?"

Lee said...

"Aaah, my eyes! Ze goggles do nothing!"