Saturday, August 30, 2008

I almost got shot last night / look at the sea lions!

Riding (dirty) back to my boat at four in the morning after a party on Hampshire and 20th, I pulled up to a lone black SUV sitting at a red light. Setting up the skitch, I grabbed the rear door handle and waited. When I glanced inside, I saw a man load a clip into a black handgun, cock it, then turn around and look at me while raising the weapon in one action.

So I missed that skitch, deciding to ride for my life in the opposite direction.

Passed out on the boat. Checked out the sea lions around the corner this morning on the way to work. Now, sweet sleep.

sea lions at pier 39


Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously--when did you move onto a boat?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm sorry about the gun. I was having a bad day and I thought you were someone else.

Your friend, Mark.

Jackie said...

Strange things happen at 04:00, but that's very very very bad.

Just a few weeks ago there were hardly any sea lions on the docks. I wondered why. Don't they keep you awake?

And, yeah, a boat in the Pier 39 Marina? A boat big enough to stand up in? Messengering must pay better than I thought!

Ryan said...

Okay, seriously anonymous reader, I got the boat a few months ago.

Jackie, the boat was $100 (!), it's the slip fee that's killing me. I was originally splitting the boat with another messenger, but he "wanted to buy a PlayStation 3" and requested that I buy him out, which I did. I still live in the East Bay but keep it as summer home.

nate c. said...

wow close calls like that are no fun. but boats are pretty rad.

Unknown said...

Seriously? Hard core... how many cyclists get shot in SF in a typical year?

Ryan said...

I don't think any cyclists get shot in a typical year.