Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lake CX-401 Shoes / Danes

Lee, the owner, president, CEO or something of Lake Cycling flew in from Chicago and stopped by the shop today with a bag of 2009 prototype bike shoes, including the CX-401 road shoe which I've ordered. Two things about it - it's made out of carbon and kangaroo leather, it's about $600. The shit is advanced.

Lee, with our local Lake rep, Sophie, getting his back talk about shoes with Huseyin

I never imagined I'd buy shoes that cost more than my rent. I'm not sure with employee discounts how much I'll pay in the end, but I can say with confidence, dearly.

These are them:

new lake cx-401 prototype

lake cx-401 prototype

And then a film crew from Denmark stopped by at random and I ended up starring in a minute and half of Danish soap opera.

Getting mic'd

Half of the crew. Sound guy, one producer, camera dude is stage left with Dane


Jackie said...

.. I thought only girls had shoe lust.

I was at a shoe garden today.

It's a shoe kinda day, I guess.

I hope they fit and feel super good and you FLY.

Ryan said...