Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today was one of the slowest days ever. I hung out at the statue for a record period of time before being let go early. Then at around quarter to four, my dispatcher called me up to ask if I'd pick up a tag on 17th and Valencia and a few others. I was doing nothing and had no excuse not to so I got back on the bike and made a few more dollars.


Today was another hot one. A popsicle salesman came by the statue. Me, Katie from Western, Fox from Flash(?) and Burdick from Western.

Wayne t-bow at farallon capital

Saw a Wayne Thiebaud hanging at Farallon Capital Management. I like his new stuff.


Have been getting some crucial skitches these past few days.


lydiat said...

is that a BANANA popsicle???

Anonymous said...

Thiebaud. Hawt. My fave California painter.

This is why I love you, goddammit. You're hot and you're awake.

Goddammit! Wake me up if you ever go gay. Until then, zzzzz...yeah, I know...zzz...zzz...

Ryan said...

Wow, I have a gay stalker? That's awesome! I have arrived!

Anonymous said...

First it was Tycoon Status.

Then, your own gay stalker.

There's only one great honor left in life--yep, you guessed it: a calamitous hurricane in your name.

Just remember to save the newspaper headlines so you can tape them above your computer: "Deadly Ryan Wipes Out Island Chain"; "Ryan Leaves Monstrous Trail of Destruction", etc. That's like having a gay stalker who himself has attained Tycoon Status during a deadly hurricane. Only better.