Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marshmallows don't fit through hole

view of the yay bridge

I didn't get enough sleep, was a bit out of it, but a good, busy day. I just noticed this view of the Bay Bridge in between the buildings on Harrison this morning

ha gao

I had some ha gow and shu mai at Wing Lee Bakery on Clement after picking up an exclusive at the De Young Museum. I used to live around there and always liked that place. If you order "for here", your food is served on an aluminum plate topped with a sheet of plastic. Makes sense I guess.

oh hell no

Oh hell naw: I had to carry these big boxes by hand from Gumps on Maiden Lane to the Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square.

csn mics

I'm pretty sure these are those things you see on newscaster's mics. I picked them up from fox sports or some such business, along with a videotape.

mason st.

I ended up having to ride up Mason for four blocks to get to California. Shit gets steeeeep.

swiss miss

It was a busy day. I didn't even get a lunch break which is unusual. I got some coffee instead and added a swiss miss pack I took from some office a few minutes before.

california poppies (on lockdown)

Saw this fenced in plot with wildflowers. California Poppies are my favorite flower. Not that I sit around ranking flowers or anything.

barr awards

Thanks to Johnny Hsu for above photo / just realized the right part is cut off. click on the photo to see my ass on the far right

I got 2nd place at GoldSprints! First time doing that shit. My best time was 19.09 for 500 meters. I really only got the third fastest time, but because of the heat structure the two fastest dudes had to go against each other in another heat and one got knocked out. I won a nice Bailey Works bag that I'm going to send back and trade up for an XXL and start using for work.

Beard Update Center


Day 2 (Since last shave. I'm gonna grow it back now. Maybe shave it again when it gets hot)


lydiat said...

no facial hair! NO! (reaches for squirt bottle) bad rye!

Anonymous said...

Oh, definitely bring back the scruff--not only as a conspicuous manifestation of your recently-attained Tycoon Status, but also so you can throw off people's suspicions that, you know, you actually do sit around ranking flowers.

As for "when it gets hot," I'm not entirely sure when that would be...two weeks in September?

Ryan said...

you cracked me up anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryerye - my bro and I are fans of your blog and want you coming to his tenure party on the 12th. Send me an email.

Sincerely, Mark the computer crasher of 1998.

Anonymous said...

You look so hot w/o the beard !