Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Savagery

I've taken to riding up steep hills in part because I'm too lazy to take the longer way. And in part because I'm just S A V A G E.

Approaching Fillmore on the Marina side. I had to pick up a 2880 Broadway tag after dropping a Bay St.

Heading up Fillmore I felt the roll I was carrying start to slip out of my bag. Oh shit! I was already dismounting when it dropped. I was lucky that it landed parallel to the hill and didn't roll down. That would have been extreme FAIL.

I had an exclusive 50 Beale to 505 Parnassus later on. My new thing is to go straight up Hillway. It's absurdly steep, but short, and in the end much faster than taking the elevator up to Parnassus.

This is the Bailey Works bag I won at GoldSprints. (I won the XL and traded it in for an XXL). Today was my first day using it for work. So far I like it.

My friend John at Rickshaw Bagworks sewed on the SFBMA patch, fixed the side strap and made a cool modification for the pullstrap, complete with a Rickshaw tag.


Saw this guy signing autographs at the end of the day:



Anonymous said...

It is rare for such nice photos to come from one so SAVAGE.

Anonymous said...

WHat bag did you have before? And who is that guy?

Ryan said...

Hey Messenger of Doom.

I had a Chrome Metropolis (http://www.chromebags.com/products/bags/messenger/)
that I bought used off of craigslist for $80. It served me well, but the new BaileyWorks is so much fucking BIGGER.

That guy is Nick. Just a friend, nobody famous.