Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The stairs are HISTORIC


Not talking about these ones. For the historical, you will have to read on, reader. I did walk up the Filbert Steps today to get to Alta St. On the way back down I slipped as some German said something about messengers in Holland, but I caught myself. Normally I'd be routed in a way which wouldn't have me walking back down these bitches, but not today.


First time dropping a package here. Right around the corner from Montague Place.


By far, the best elevator buttons I've come across. Yes, better than big buttons.


Looking hella savage with the littlest gash a'bleeding on my new shoes.


I spent some time in court doing legal work today. Had to return something to West Bay law on Market which gave me some time to rekindle with the hugegantus urinal in the 18th floor bathroom.


Written in white at the bottom was "(Unless you have attained TYCOON STATUS)".


Anonymous said...

So then I take it you sat on the steps? There are so many advantages to Tycoon Status..so jealous right now. So jealous.

Water Lion said...

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