Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Same Day, Different Shit

One of the things I like about this job getting to visit San Francisco's different neighborhoods over the course of a day. Riding from the Getty's house at the end of Broadway to 5 Dorman St. in the Bayview District is seriously like taking a trip.

I also like going places in the city I've never been before. I had to drop something off at 6 Montague Place at the end of the day. Montague Place? My dispatcher told me over the radio that it was off the 1200 block of Montgomery. The best way to get there from 60 Broadway, where I'd just dropped two fat manila envelopes from 701 Minnesota, is to climb up Telegraph hill to Montgomery by way of the Filbert Steps:

Sometimes I'll see the famous parrots flying around here.

Before today, I had never been to the intersection of Union and Montgomery. Riding up Union to Montague, I first saw just the heads of 555 Cal and the Transamerica Pyramid poking over the top of the hill. When I got to the top I was surprised to see this view:

Montague Pl. and Montgomery

Looking east from Union and Montgomery

Sometimes I forget how much cool shit there is in San Francisco. I'm lucky to live in the Bay Area.

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