Thursday, January 24, 2008

Court, a crash and finding drugs

This morning I picked up a court filing from a law firm out on 17th and Irving. Being on the longboard, legal filing isn't something I deal with much so I like it. I get paid for waiting, and filing papers in court usually involves some. It was also nice getting out of the cold and rain for awhile.

When I was locking up my bike, I noticed a huge ziploc bag of weed, like maybe half an ounce, lying in the gutter. Dude.

Before I got to court, I transfered it to my jacket pocket since my bag has to pass through an x-ray machine staffed by sheriffs. Actually they're sheriff's "cadets", and they all look high, but still. I ended up talking a lot to the clerk since there were a few problems with the filing. Everytime I leaned in to hear what she was saying through the hole in the glass, I got an overwhelming whiff of Mooters.

Jeremiah from First Legal/First Weasel/Barely Legal at court

Fastboots from Godspeed at court

On the way back out to 2880 Broadway for the third time today, I saw this:

I'm the worst kind of rubbernecker. I will shamelessly walk over to look at anything. One firefighter yelled at me when he saw me taking this so I headed out.

The victim was gone, but the firemen were still there on my way back. I apologized but the guy in the middle who gave me shit was totally cool about it, telling me he loved to look at pictures like that on flickr.

The bicyclist lost control going down Franklin and slammed into the back of this Lexus, leaving an impressive dent as his bike smashed through the back while he tumbled over the roof. He broke a few bones, including his shoulder but luckily he didn't [Christopher] Reeve out .

Adding insult to injury, (literally), the car has a fucking BOOT ON IT! What a double bummer for this Lexus owner.


lydiat said...

jeez. and i thought i was cool because i went to the new blue bottle in soma yesterday.

YU said...

wow... This is so much like America!! A day like you had is not something you can experience in Japan!

Anonymous said...

I would have left the weed where it was for fear of getting caught and charged with posession.

In fact, I had a friend pick some weed up off the floor once. He couldn't believe his apparent luck, but as he was about to ride away, two heavy guys got out of an expensive-looking car with tinted windows nearby and made him put it back. It was obviously a technique to avoid getting caught dealing - one person takes the money from the buyer at a different location, the second person leaves the weed somewhere, then the first person tell the buyer where to pick the weed up and watches them do it to make sure no-one else nabs it.

Ryan said...

That's a thought MoD, but there's no way anybody was hiding this bag. Plus in San Francisco, marijuana is damn near legal. Isn't that the case in England, too?

Anonymous said...

Haha, no, if you get caught with a small amount of weed it it is confiscated, and it's up to 'the idividual police officer's discretion' whether you get arrested or not. if you get busted with an amount that's over a certain limit you could get a harsh punishment for posession with intent to supply.

They did move it down to class C but with all this 'psycho skunk' propaganda the government are gonna move it back up to class B!