Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Foggy day, twenty dollars

Today started off very foggy. I learned that 100% humidity doesn't actually mean rain, it means fog. Wisdom from dudes on the bike shuttle. I just tried to fact check that on wikipedia but the article on humidity was too technical and boring, so I'll just believe it means fog.

Riding down mission, this is what it looked like at noon. Cold and foggy.

I ended up taking three separate trips to the Outer Richmond from downtown. I must have done at least 50 miles on the loooongboard today.

When I was dropping off a package at the city attorney's office, City Hall room 214, a shifty old dude approached me at the door. "Want to earn a quick $20?" he asked. Assuming it wasn't for a handjob I said "sure".

He wanted me to "serve papers" down the hall at the Mayor's office, room 200. We walked in together up to one of the secretaries, (there are about six desks with people sitting in them in the antechamber, or whatever you call it), and he told me what to say while I handed over the papers.

After handing over the papers, he wrote down my address, had me sign something, give him a handjob, just kidding, then gave me twenty bucks and I was on my way.

After that I headed out to 3333 California then the 3500 block of Washington, 2100 block of Union and back downtown to end the day.

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Anonymous said...

what up my white bike-riding homey. sounds like a service of process for a law suit. just make sure you dont get subpoenaed later on in case those fools as city call try to contest that sketchy dudes civil procedure.