Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday - Bernal Heights, Timbuk2, Bento

Delivered some fabric samples to Timbuk2. I think their bags suck, but when I rolled up to the building at 300-something Alabama there was a guy outside who offered to sign for the package and seemed pretty stoked to show me around. Here's the inside of the factory:

A bunch of Asian ladies were sewing away. The guy was really excited about it all and I let him show me around longer than was interesting in the hopes that I'd get a free bag or something that I could sell on craigslist, but that didn't happen.

Later that day I headed over to Wool St. in Bernal Heights. Nice view from way up there:

Then for lunch I headed to Nijiya market in Japan Town

and bought a bento box. I ate it all and was full for the next hour.


lydiat said...

we thought about living in bernal heights; it seemed like the only place you could have a car and a yard and still afford food and boots.

Daniel Winokur said...

Do timbuk2 bags really suck? I have one, and place very light expectations on it, so the bags exceeds my needs handily. I guess bike messengers put some pretty harsh demands on their gear though. Why does timbuk2 suck from a messenger perspective?

I mostly like the brand now because its local, SF-made stuff, and I know a bunch of folks who work there. And their gear is nice enough and stylish enough for me, although not necessarily a radical improvement or anything over their competitors.

Ryan said...

For everyday use, I'm sure they're fine. I've tried on a few of their true messenger bags and thought they weren't that comfortable compared to my chrome though.

I know a few messengers who use Timbuk2. I'll have to ask them what they think.

I'm all for companies that make stuff locally. I did learn on the tour that they make a bunch of stuff in Vietnam though. Which I'm all for too. Dudes there need jobs probably more than we do.

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