Monday, November 26, 2007

Tools of the Trade, part 1

I finally bought new bike shoes a few weeks ago. Peter "Fast Boots" Taylor, a bad-ass messenger at Godspeed with a part time job at Bike Nut hooked me up. My previous pair were in tatters after about a year of use.

When I first started doing this, I wore regular shoes and used pedals with toeclips. A few months into it, I bought my first pair of bike shoes with cleats and noticed a BIG difference.

Cleats lock your feet to the pedals. Superimpose a clock over the circle your foot travels when pedaling. When that foot's past six o'clock and your shoe isn't clipped into a pedal, it's not contributing anything, is it?

This is one of my new shoes. They fit pretty well and I'm really happy with them. I had huge holes in my last pair and shit was coming apart all over the place.

This is my new pedal. Yes, I know it's pink. I took pink over baby blue. This is the first time I've used Look style pedals for work and so far I have no complaints, nor have I noticed any major differences. I'm still getting used to only being able to clip into one side.

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Anonymous said...

Mountain bike-style cleats are the best IMO. Much easier to use than those LOOK-style things. I use TIME pedals & cleats.