Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bottled Water

Another Getty (2880 Broadway) delivery. The guards are nice. They spoil me with Evian in the glass bottle. Once I asked to use the bathroom, mainly to see more of the mansion, and I was not let down. To get there, I walked by an indoor pool and the door was inlaid with ivory or mother of pearl or something.

The manse has a nice front door. When you have Getty money, if you tell them you want the doorknob in the middle of the door, that's where they put the knob, by gum.

Normally I'll ride up Pacific and avoid the steep-ass 2700 block of B'way. But on Monday I also had a return (pronounced RE-turn: a package going from point A -> B -> A) on the 2500 block, so I just figured fuck it. I hadn't ridden since last Wednesday so my legs were good.

Right around the corner at Broadway and Divis[adero]. Now this is a truly nasty hill, avoided at almost all costs. I had a delivery in the middle of the block later on that day though. On a slow day, it's all good.

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minty lewis said...

when i first moved to san francisco, i had a trailer attached to my car and came from marin using mapquest directions which sent me right up and then down that hill at broadway and divisadero. those were some of the more terrifying moments of my life. mapquest really should include elevation changes in their directions.