Friday, November 16, 2007

Pigeons: at Rest

I found a spot where pigeons chill. The lobby of 1 EC, by the doors on the Clay st. side.

They were fluffed up, some preening, others lounging on one foot. One doesn't often see a pigeon not standing, but a bunch of these guys were cold chilling.

I watched them for a few minutes while I ate some Korean sushi I bought earlier at Woo Ri Market on Fillmore. It always looks better than it tastes.

When I was done, I got up and tossed half a roll the pigeons way and all but one popped up and resumed acting like normal pigeons, fighting over the rice, grabbing the roll out of each others' beaks, that sort of thing.

I felt a bit guilty disturbing the peaceful scene but I really didn't want to finish that sushi...and it's hard to resist feeding the animals sometimes.

Another guy was also watching the birds, sitting on the concrete fountain ledge. I wonder what he thought about it all.

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