Friday, March 7, 2008

The Week In Review

Instead of showing up to work on four hours of sleep, I slept in and was just late. It was the right decision. Busy day, with my final tag out on 44th ave, an inch from the Pacific Ocean.

Sex workers marched down Market Street with a police escort.

A spooky staircase in the medical building on Jackson street in Chinatown.

Lots of ships in the bay. Hard to see, but there were. Going down this street, 21st I think, is great fun by the way.

Out on 44th and Judah, smelling the ocean air, satisfied with everything.

Light soda is free at Economy Restaurant Fixtures on 7th st, as is popcorn. (What's up Bianca. I stopped here after dropping by to see you a week or two ago. Save me a cupcake.) On this day they were out of popped corn and all of the sodas were mysteriously flat or didn't have enough syrup. When I mentioned this to the guy as I handed him the package, he reminded me I shouldn't complain about free soda. Dick.

Gonna go to bed early to-night and hyphenate words like it was the mid 19th century. Rest up for to-morrow's alleycat.


Quel said...

Dude, I dig yer blog. Old SFer current NYer homesick... BTW, right where the beemer is parked in Potrero Hill is a hamburger shop, very cheap and good, called Ganims. Highly recommended. Keep it up, loving your take on SF.

Ryan said...


I will keep it up. I'll keep an eye out for that burger joint too.