Saturday, March 1, 2008

get warm, 81 / turtles - cement, real

There's a large grated vent behind 595 Market at the loading dock:

Warm air or some kind of carcinogenic breeze constantly emanates. Sometimes I'll just stand over it for a few minutes to warm up.

All week was longboard as fuck. On Friday I went out to Noriega Furniture at about 25th Ave and Taraval to deliver a tiny envelope. Then I went back downtown for a while. Then I went out to the 400 block of 44th ave. Then I went to 1801 Vicente. Returned via Portola and sped down Market from the top.

I got a skitch from a little before the De Young Museum in Golden Gate park all the way to about Spreckels Lake. Yeah, I had to look that name up. The best part of the lake is the real turtles that always seem to be hanging out out on the cement turtle:

Somewhere around 44th and Geary. That's the beach in the distance.


Anonymous said...

thought you might dig this:

Ryan said...

Interesting article. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

when i come visit, can we go see the real turtles hanging out on the cement turtle?

Ryan said...

fa sho