Thursday, March 27, 2008

Am I "Tycoon Status" yet?


Am I? Saw this on the way to work. I used to be all about attaining Baller Status, but I will now update that to Tycoon.


I ate lunch in Union Square with a friend from the bike shuttle as I often do. More 桜桜桜. Cherry blossoms are everywhere these days. Maybe they're not cherry, but blossoms at least.


Duuuude. This was my lunch from Lee's Deli on Battery. They sell by the pound for not too much, and sold for $9.00. That's a personal Lee's record.

It was pounds of food, but it's all about TYCOON STATUS now.


Had a pick up at 720 California. Got there via Grant which runs through Chinatown. One of these buildings is taller than the other.


I shaved my beard and am 14 years old again. It was all donated to locks of love.

John Locke:


Anonymous said...

At first I was going to be like, "What? No, you don't look like Locke at all!"

...but, you know. You kind of do.

And I saw you twice yesterday, at Union Square and on Grant. And you don't even know who this is. How creepy is that!?

Anonymous said...

We actually met briefly once (I'm front desk) but I don't know if I'd recognize you now. Bring back the scruff!

Anonymous said...

So you went baby face huh? I dont think I would even know who you were if you came in. So I called for a pick up yesterday. Some guy named "john" or something came in. I told him to tell you hey for me. But I know he didnt. Anywho still got that cupcake for you, plus some salt && vinger chips ((dont mix em though)). Keep on biking and I'll keep on reading.

Ryan said...

I'm stoked to have stalkers.

Shaving's a hassle.

I'll keep on biking.

Jocelyn M. Berger said...

I could pass you on the street and not recognize you sans-beard. Wacky. Do you get better speed with your new aerodynamic face?
ps: your blog is great entertainment and respite from my newfound cubicle existence.

Skylar said...

Better yet is Roller Coaster Tycoon Status. That shit's hard to pull off.