Monday, March 24, 2008

Further Reflection

usps reflector

I wrote about the reflectors on UPS trucks in an earlier post. Like Hot Chip says, nothing's new forever.


I had a drop on Liggett Ave. in the Presidio. There was a birthday party for a little girl set up down the street. There was bouncy castle and two set tables with mini Swedish flags in the centerpiece decorations which reminded me of the time I wandered around the suburbs of Basil, Switzerland high.

Weird neighborhood unlike most others in SF. Also reminds me of the one in A Wrinkle in Time where everybody's jumping rope in unison and all that.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of a really odd part of town.

Ryan said...

thank you

funsunnyday said...

love your pov photos. i'm looking forward to more.
(girl from motorcycle class)