Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Fling Alley Cat

I raced in a fun alleycat through the O on Saturday.

Standing around before the race:

I had to sport my front: "Oakland" back: "Town Bussiness [sic]" shirt.

Briefing before the start at the amphitheater in Mosswood Park:

I came in 8th place out of sixty or so finishers. I stuck with my (lazy) plan to follow someone fast, riding with James from Mash for most of the race. On the way to the last checkpoint I caught up with Morgan in 5th place and hung with him till about thirty feet from the finish when my motherfucking chain popped off! Argh!!!

A few posts ago: "I'm going to try to follow the winner then beat him at the end and don't want my chain popping off."

So I would have been 5th or 6th, but while I was running the few feet to the finish, carrying my bike, two guys flew in ahead of me.

The finish was at Oliver, Adam and Dewey's house on 25th and MLK

Some good bands played in the back yard and things got a little hectic for a minute

More pictures of the race by OwenErnst here.

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lydiat said...

oh, oakland. we should bring you with us to art murmur next time - there were mad bike betties there.