Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I started off the day with a super sick skitch all the way down Telegraph on the back of this pickup with hella clean graphics:

But other than that, the day was pretty slow. Aside from a 3700 block of Broderick and a few others, I didn't do much longboard. At the end of the day I noticed that our system fucked up and only gave me $6.33 for that run. My dispatcher looked into it and corrected it - $11.67 - of which I get 37%. If I didn't love the longboard work so much and have such low rent, I'd be out of Speedway because they rape us so badly with so little lube when it comes to pay. Sadder still, this tag was one we picked up from NOBS after buying them out and I know they made way more for it.

What's up with dogs licking the shit out of my legs? These two went for it when I showed up to drop off a package at 240 Stockton.

Towards the end of the day I got a delicious pork bun with all sorts of shit in it from Saigon Sandwich which I ate after dropping off a Charles Schwab tag at the 701 Grant Bank of America in Chinatown. Still hungry, I went over to this place down the street which claimed to be the oldest Chinese Bakery in SF with pictures of the time Bill Clinton visited on the wall.

I got the worst ha gow of my life there. It tasted like food poisoning. The cookies were good though.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to comment on the dog thing!! You’re all sweaty from biking and so your skin gets all salt? And dogs like salty things, have you ever tasted dog kibble (one morsel), it's really salty. They like your salt!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it--I want to try some of this salty leg the dogs keep raving about.

Jackie said...

Yep, you have to get really grotty, then dogs and parrots lick and lick, lovin' it. (Parrot tongues are soft. You probably don't want to know about cat tongues, but they have barbs. That's not the only place they have barbs. Ever wonder why the female cat screams?)

Ryan said...

if you wanna lick it, you gotta kick it