Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mash Diablo

Mt. Diablo, kind of like Mt. Doom

Second Sunday in a row riding up Mt. Diablo from Berkeley. Last week I went with Blake and Shawn and it kicked my ass. This week I went with Blake and three of the guys from MASH, Garret, Andy and Jonathan, and it kicked my ass. I got some horrible leg cramps near the top. I'm just not used to riding so long and hard - the pace was quick too. Looking forward to doing more riding like this in the future. Gotta get my "good bike" together.

Thanks to the MASH Blog for posting the flier I made for the Oakland Scrape. Check it out here.


David Decimal said...

hey dude, we need to setup some eBay's pretty odd b/c i still love to get out and ride after working a full week. But hey. We rode up to Guernville last week, took about 5 hours to get 85 miles or so, and it was raining.. Great time.

Ryan said...

For sure. I heard the Russian River ride was awesome. I want to do it next year.

Hope to see your ass at the Scrape tomorrow!!!