Thursday, May 15, 2008

Biggest Box

It was 10 kinds of hot today. Heat that could not be ignored for even a minute. I heard it was over 90 degrees (32 Celsius).

I met a driver in front of 50 Beale and took a huge box off of him. As you can see, it was big. But it wasn't terribly heavy and it only had to go to the basement of the building.


Riding down Mission near the Transbay Terminal I was about to squeeze through this truck and bus, but it got so tight I decided to take a picture instead, so it would last longer.


Exhausted. Working on a handbill for the Oakland Scrape right now, but feel like I've been snorting lines of ruffies.

Saturday I start my new part time job at Bike Nut - two days a week. The shop is sick. Nine pound bikes, kangaroo leather shoes, titanium tight.


Sarah said...

I wish it were 90! It's cold and rainy today in PA.

Anonymous said...

It was 97 degrees, actually--a record. Miserable. Not the best day to bike to work...or bike for work.

My, what a big box you have, Ryan!