Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Cuisine

Getting to 720 California isn't killer, it takes just a touch of savagery if you want to get there with a quickness.

Looking out from 720 Cal:

cutting party

Oatmeal with cheddar, cut up hotdog, sri racha sauce and avocado.

breakfast of champz

By the way, check out my friend FastBoot's blog: He quit the messenger game to travel around for a while.


Anonymous said...

I bet you're glad you don't ride fixed

Anonymous said...

Do any actual messengers ride fixed-gear bikes?

Ryan said...

Yes, anonymous. I'd say somewhere around a third do in SF. I think it's higher in NYC, as it's flat.

Anonymous said...

Is there a benefit to riding a track bike as a messenger? I can only see drawbacks.

Ryan said...

hey anonymous 2. yes, there are advantages. not enough for me to ride one, but there are, namely cost in my opinion.

who are all of these anonymous people, I wonder? don't by shy commenters!

Anonymous said...

another anonymous commenter, i know, sorry... don't feel like creating an account.

but i have to say, oatmeal, dogs, hot sauce and avocado... ugh. man, i thought i was an adventurous eater.. but wow.