Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scraaaaaper Biiikes!!!!!

I'm helping put together an alleycat with Blake and John. My friend Yoav turned this flier out today:

2008 Oakland Scrape

We've been working the race for a few months - planning the course, the party, getting sponsors, that kind of ish. It's been keeping me busy but seeing it come together feels good. Everyone who reads this blog is cordially invited. I really hope Anonymous can make it out. For more information, check out

Inspired by this:

Beard Update:


Anonymous said...

No way! A zipper attached to your beard? That is seriously high stylee.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, so many anonymous-es, though. There are comments from two different anonymous-es on this page alone!

Anonymous said...

Ghostride the fixie!

Anonymous said...

i saw that video a while ago... i thought it was one of the stupidest things i have ever seen... eehh oh well still a good name for your race. i hope you have fun :0)... so when are you going to come visit me again?