Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Did my first DFL race earlier this evening. Jesus Christ. It was also my first time riding on dirt, rocks, pine cones, etc. I did go off road once in jr. high to be fair.

Lot's of fun, crashed four times, nothing serious. Saw a lot of people taking pictures. Waiting for them to appear on flickr.


The dirt line, taken on the way back to the Beast in Blake's truck.


Anonymous said...

For us Brits - what exactly is DFL?
As an occasional visitor to your excellent blog, it would be great to see some more detailed images of your speedy machine. Shame about the seatpost - must have been sitting down too much!

Ryan said...

Hey the rev:

First of all, thank you very much for calling my blog excellent. I assume it has no more than 15 regular readers, so it's nice to hear that it is being not only read, but deemed excellent by at least one.

As for my "speedy machine", quotes because at that race I was smoked like so many christmas hams, it was a borrowed Giant TCX 0 that is pretty run of the mill.

As for my own speedy machine, I might take some good photos of my bike one day and elaborate on it, but one thing stopping me is that it's such a hodgepodge of random parts on a not-so-great carbon frame that I'm not quite sure it's worthy of such attention.