Saturday, February 2, 2008

Walnut Creek / Cigarette Butts

I started off Friday with a rare out of town tag. The Tiffany's in San Francisco needed a box delivered from their Walnut Creek store and all of our drivers were busy. I'm not sure what was in the box, but if anybody's interested in Tiffany Hearts Double Hearts Pendants in 18k white gold, I've just listed 27 on eBay. Just kidding; too tacky to steal.

This is what Walnut Creek looks like from the window of a BART train:

Coming out here is a change of pace which is why I like it. Smooth, open roads with mellow traffic, new sights, anonymity.

Back in the city on my last drop that day I decided to stretch before heading in and noticed this ashtray:

It was full of at least a pack of the same smokes, Marlboro Lights, floating in their own tabacky juice.

I guess that's not that interesting, is it?


Anonymous said...

"Hollywoods" they're called by butt picker uppers. I'm sure there's another term for the floaters.

Daniel Winokur said...

I bet somebody decided to quit and dumped their last pack in, right then and there.

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