Saturday, February 23, 2008

Same sticker, Danielle Steel

Yesterday I delivered something from Tiffany's to Danielle Steel's house. She answered the door in a stained mumu, smoking a Virginia Slim. Just kidding. She wasn't wearing anything. Really though, I just gave the package to some guy sitting in what looked like a control room.

Later on that day I pulled up next to some dude on a bike who had the same sticker on about the same spot. You need to understand how random that is. I bought the sticker from a vending machine that was temporarily at Al's Comics on Octavia. The machine was installed by a local artist who filled it with his own stickers. Last time I was there, Al told me the guy moved to LA and took the machine with him.


The guy told me he bought it last time he was in San Francisco. Then he decided to move here. I ended up giving him directions to China town.

There's no way that sticker is on another bike in the universe, or any other dimension, even parallel. Running into my own doppleganger would be less surprising. Of course I'd much rather that happen though. Although I heard when you meet your doppleganger you both die, so never mind.

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