Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still sick.

I'm still sick, but no longer on Death's door so I'll be going back to work tomorrow.

I had a lot of free time these past few days but was half delirious with fever through most of it. I did manage to do something I'd really been meaning to do though: clean my shoes. They'd gotten to the point where I had to take them off at the front door when I got home and leave them outside overnight. Their smell was unforgivable.

I soaked them in a bucket with water and bleach for a few hours then dried them in the oven. Now they smell pure again. It's back to socks for me. As much as I like going without, I simply can not handle that foul stench.

Mice hide when hawks are high;
Hawks shy from airplanes;
Planes dread the ack-ack-ack;
Each one fears somebody.
Only the heedless lions
Under the Booloo tree
Snooze in each other's arms
After their lunch of blood--
I call that living good!

-Saul Bellow

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