Tuesday, February 12, 2008

901 Market/Rocking out/Rock harder

My favorite building interior is that of 901 Market:

When you get out of the elevator on the second floor you're confronted with this weird water sculpture in the middle of a bright, checkered atrium. It's disconcerting. I loves it.

Right around the corner from Byer at 66 Potrero sits this huge chunk of rock. How did it manage to sneak by when people were building shit?

Rock, I salute you.


kwalk said...
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kwalk said...

dear ryan,

i sit at a desk. all day. every day. i have a secret fantasy of becoming a bike messenger. i'm not sure how i just stumbled on your blog, but after reading a few posts, i feel compelled to thank you for allowing me to vicariously live out my fantasy through you.

keep it comin.

Ryan said...

Wow, I'm glad to be of service. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The picture of that huge rock... yea thats outside my building. I'm the girl that sits in the front office of byer. I saw you less then 2 hours ago, &&really I enjoyed the neon green fit you had on. Seriously. anyway your blog is grand and i intend to read it all the time. do us all a favor and start wearing socks :0)

Ryan said...

A, wow, I'm glad you think it's grand. Sweet.