Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twin Peaks

Last week my ass was handed to me, everyday. On Friday morning, jet lag woke me up at 3:30 AM (was in India from 12/1 to 12/18. wrote all of those posts ahead of time). Instead of going back to sleep, I sent out some emails then went to Safeway and bought groceries.

Twin Peaks

So although I started out fine, I wasn't at 100% the whole day. Which made going up to Twin Peaks a bitch. I was at the De Young Museum when I got the tag and decided to take 7th Ave. which turns into Laguna Honda Blvd. all the way up. I got lost trying to find 440 Castenada, a place I've been a bunch of times. From there, I headed over to a Dentist's office around the corner from the West Portal MUNI station. Not sure what was in the box, but in the past I've delivered mouth casts. I tried to talk the station guys into letting me take my bike on Muni but they weren't having it, even if I took off the wheels. At that point I was holding three, and one of them was a Now going to City Hall.

Top of Market St. looking serious, feeling delirious

Once I got to the top of Market, via Portola, I was happy though. Riding down Market from the top is always a joy. It was a cold and clear day and the city was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

typo alert. i know you know you meant 7th ave. also you mispelled delirious. and btw it's a nicer ride--not easier, just more pleasant--if you take ulloa to laguna honda to portola instead of portola the whole way. ulloa's parallel and there are less angry drivers. <3 f.s.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the spellcheck fast socks. I almost did that Ulloa thing but wasn't sure it went through till I got to the top. Let's hang out soon, dude. I'm at the statue.