Thursday, December 20, 2007

free art show?

Today kicked my ass. I rode all over town, then all over town again. I would have done better if I'd slept more than five hours last night. I did get hot at the very end of the day though. Dropped off two in the Presidio, one at the Exploratorium, back to Presidio, climbed Lombard to pick up a tag at 2900 Vallejo that had to be at the Flood Building before 6:00 (870 Market), then dropped one at 3524 Sacramento, got one at 555 Clayton and booked back downtown. Made it to the Flood Bldg. by 5:45, dropped the Clayton at 10 Post right as some bell was chiming six.

Sun reflecting off buildings, seen from the Presidio

Anyway, still downtown on my way out to the Presidio, this arrangement of sticks and garbage stopped me. For a second it looked like an abstract sculpture:

Who would arrange an empty box of Kools, a wet, folded newspaper section and a printer cartridge adjacent to branches like this? It reminded me of that artist who makes outdoor sculptures in nature that creep me out. It's at the park at Drum and Washington, next to a homeless person's shopping cart and pile of dirty blankets. Potentially limited engagement.


Anonymous said...

Dude, why don't you have the classic fro picture up?

You've changed.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a guerrilla marketing campaign. That's some good blogging-- I like your use of statistics in Wednesday's post.

Ryan said...

p, guerrilla marketing! you crack me up. that's some abstract-ass pr firm.

crasher, you make a good point. the fro picture will surface, worry not.