Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York Messengers

They're different than San Francisco messengers. On the whole they are older and ride shittier more practical bikes. There is also this sort of world weariness about them.

I hope to take some pictures and post them later.

Manhattan is as overwhelming as ever. I love this city.


Anonymous said...


Say hi to Mike Dee if you run into him for me.


Anonymous said...

NYC messengers are older, more likely to have a family, and more likely to be a person of color than what you see around here in SF. Just saying.

Have fun in the city. Business or pleasure?

Ryan said...

Hey Kristian, I'll start asking every messenger if they're Mike Dee.

Anonymous, after more messenger watching I definitely agree with you. I'll tell you if it's business or pleasure if you tell me who you are. Fair?

David Decimal said...

Photos, Man!

And look for this guy, David Leopold.

Ther's a youtube video of him on Letterman, too:

Ryan said...

I watched both. Good stuff Dewey, Thanks!

Vayu Shanti said...

waiting for photos :)

Anonymous said...

No way! I'm anonymous-er than ever!