Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to work

That it now seems colder than it was in New York is a sign that I've adjusted to my return to the west side, packing NYC back in the realm of exotic, far away places.

Dangling from the basket of a messenger bike in Manhattan

I saw the Catherine Opie exhibit at the Gugenheim museum. She is tightt.

Now I'm back to job at the bike shop and I can't complain.


Fast Boots, a.k.a. "Blondie" doing a backwards, no handed track stand on VI's bike:

blondie aka fastboots


Jackie said...

Hey, glad you're back; I missed you.

Groover said...

Just came over from Jackie's blog. Awesome track stand.

Also loved reading your posts about bike messengers in NYC.

Ryan said...

Thanks Jackie, Groover. I remain honored to have readers.