Friday, November 14, 2008

Sign reads: Bicycle Parking Prohibited

I was running late so I decided to get off at Embarcadero, the first place BART stops in the city, and race to work instead of waiting a few more stops which would put me closer to Bike Nut.

Even though I was late, I swung by the statue after running into Kalman of Spirit Courier, on his fixed gear heading the same way.

Biking to work from downtown was invigorating. I may be missing the messenger job less these days but I'm sure as hell loving city car wrestling more.

Plus the skitch I caught from Broadway and Stockton about a quarter of the way into the Stockton Tunnel was grand. 40mph was fast enough in that decaying tube, wearing sunglasses that blinded me. K-dawg from work told me the other day that the tunnel's full of asbestos. Nice.

I've been taking fewer photos since I switched phones.

I used to work for a translation company in Japan where there are a lot of bicycles:


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