Monday, July 28, 2008

Still Skitching

I caught a crucial skitch up Lombard from the Presidio on a black Toyota SUV's rear left door handle. Like the last time I skitched that hill I had to let go on the final sharp right turn to avoid getting forced off the road into nature. First time I wore jeans to work and wasn't feeling riding up that hill in them. The lady in the car behind us scolded me through her rolled up windows as she passed.


Going for a long ride tomorrow with Alex from work, a.k.a. "VI" (short for "very important" - appropriate nickname bestowed by our boss). Rode with VI to Alpine Damn a week ago and was surprised at his speed up the hills. Quick little wanker.


Dialing down my ride necessities. Not wearing the Bike Nut kit tomorrow - it's dirty. Going to sport my old Cannondale jersey - the first expensive article of bike clothing I bought after I quit messenging the first time and was riding (marin headlands loop) everyday after work. Spending the night in SF tonight so I only have to get up at 6:00 am - hence the table with flowers and four matching chairs.


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Ryan said...

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